Welcome to Before Frank Ltd
Welcome to Before Frank Ltd
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The photographer Charles Moriarty is originally from Dublin, but moved to London at the age of 18. In 2003 he started working as a stills photographer in the music industry and on the London social scene.

Shortly after this in 2004 he specialised in the field of Ocular medical illustration.

Following the completion of his Photography degree from  L.C.C. UAL in 2008 he was a specialist photographer at Moorfield's hospital from 2009 to 2012, running the paediatric photographic department.

Since then he has worked with many well known artists and designers including Amy Winehouse, Hercules and Love affair, the TATE, BFC, VICE, DIESEL, KTZ, Aitor Throup, Damon Albarn, Gold point, 1814 magazine, Flaunt magazine, High Snobiety, Lee Roach, Benjamin O'Mahoney, Phoenix magazine, Natt&Dag, Mark Oram Furniture, METRO paper and many more. 

In 2014 he worked for Lucas Film, as stills dept manager on Star Wars episode VII, The Force Awakens.

His work was recently entered into the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery.  



Before Frank is a photography book currently available for pre-order, it's a book that has taken close to 14 years to bring to fruition. It tells the story of my time capturing Amy Winehouse, I decided to bring this work to the public view to share the Amy I knew. 


I am based in London

This is my first book

The shop has just opened for buisness