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A new limited edition photography book, X, from Charles Moriarty that captures the last decade of his work photographing men.

Available to pre-order now, shipping December 7th 2020.

The book contains an intimate collection of over 100 images, many unseen, following Moriarty’s own personal journey.

“These photographs taken in mere fractures of seconds, represent so much of my life, and many of the men that have inhabited it. The subjects are queer, straight, artists, models, friends, family, and loves, depictions of masculinity, the beauty of the male form in many of its diverse presentations.”

This litho printed coffee table book is 208 pages, with over 60 subjects, it contains an afterword by photographer Charles Moriarty, and an essay by author Gary Needham.  

A note: I apologise for the small delay on X deliveries originally the books were to go out on the 25th of November, due to printing delay it is now going to be the 7th of December when books go out for delivery. Again, my apologies.